Wk 2 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley





       Shelley’s exhibition is called “No Redemption Value”, and for good reason: His work is comprised of various bottles that have no redeemable value to them. While these bottles before had no value, the resulting art created by Maccabee Shelley breaths new life into these old discarded bottles.
       Maccabee mentioned that before he got into ceramics that he was a geography major. When he transitioned into ceramics his work was influenced by geography. And it shows. What was once man made bottles end up resembling coral reef, and it’s amazing. The byproduct of human waste turns into something resembling nature.
       A student asked if he plans out his pieces. Shelley responded by saying that no, he doesn’t. He let’s the intuitive part of his brain do the work and believes it is more important than the cognitive. He believes the subconscious works wonders, and I believe that to be true.


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