Wk 2 – Interview – Jairo


   This is Jairo. This guy is the definition of a “cool cat” to borrow an out dated 50s descriptive. I sat down in the courtyard before class and I didn’t know anybody. Jairo was the first person to introduce himself and we began our conversation. That right there shows me he’s a people person.
    Jairo is a communications major, but he was an engineering major before. I was curious as to why he would change from a very financially secure major to communications. He said it was not for him and he enjoys comms a lot more. His ultimate goal is to be the individual who researches new music that will be put on the radio, which I thought was really cool.
    He’s part Guatemalan and Nicaraguan which I thought was pretty cool, and he plans to go visit his dad in Guatemala later this year. He mentioned that he’s never been there before and he’s excited to go.
    One of his hobbies is graffiti, so he’s really stoked for this week’s assignment. He’s been to Venice Beach before to tag the walls and he’s looking forward to doing it again. He says he enjoys graffiti because it makes a person feel stand out like an individual and makes one feel “out there.”


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