Wk 2 – Activity – Graffiti Painting.





      I started off this project by selecting my paint. It’s very cliché to go with black and white. Nah. Not with me. I’ve always loved the contrast with red and blue so that’s what I went with. I used satin spray paint on cardboard.
      I drew a sketch and used that as my basis. I thought of which color to use as the base, and I went with red since I figured the blue would work better as the outliner. I made the base of the work with the red and used two coats to  make the red pop more. I outlined the red with the blue, again using two coats to make the paint stand out more.
       I’m pleased with my work,  considering I’ve never graffitied anything before. My one issue was that I wish I had a larger board to work with as I felt the one I used was a bit too small.


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