Wk 5 – Activity – Kickstarter


So for the first category I chose I chose comics. I’m big on nerdy pop culture such as comic books and, well, wrestling. So when I saw this comic I thought it was a match made in heaven for me. The pitch video itself was not very… Entertaining. The subject matter usually would get me super excited, and the ideas that they were pitching were unique and interesting. However, the overall presentation of the project left me a little disappointed. It was a straightforward explanation of the comic and had a lot of imagery taken from their book. It left me wanting more, and I’m sure they’ll get the funding they need. Just not from me. However since I’m a huge wrestling fan I’ll probably pick it up anyway.


The video I watched for “Overdark” left me surprised. With a name like “Overdark” I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought, “Aw man, this will be lame.” And as the video began with the two creators talking into a webcam, I assumed I was correct. However I was blown away by the soundtrack and artist renderings used throughout  the video. It was professional and looked as though it had been done for a major film studio. I was not interested in “Overdark” when I clicked on the Kickstarter, however I have to say that they have peaked my curiosity and I will be checking their work out if it gets the funding needed to be completed.


So for the next category I went with technology. This was the first one that stuck out for me and I’m glad I clicked on it. Not only is it a REALLY cool idea and a REALLY cool Kickstarter, it has one of the most professionally well done pitch videos I’ve seen on Kickstarter. It looks as though it was a commercial made for a television. The pitch was good, the idea is even better. Prynt is one of the best ones on Kickstarter, and the fact that it’s raised over a MILLION dollars when they only asked for $50,000 shows that people watching are aware of it too.


Just for the hell of it, I clicked on the link for the “National Paper Airplane Contest” kickstarter, because, hey, it didn’t fit with everything else on the technology page. This was the one Kickstarter that I was not impressed with. Having John Collins try to make paper airplanes look and sound exciting for two and half minutes was not enough to make me interested in the project. There just wasn’t enough to get me interested in paper airplanes, and Mr. Collins made his contest to look like it was something of a World’s Fair caliber event. I must say I was not impressed with the message nor the delivery of the project. Two thumbs down.


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