Wk 9 – Activity – Architecture


     For the first part of this assignment, I wanted to redesign the dorms here on campus as well as the desks for students. For the dorms, I wanted to do something contemporary, so I designed a cyclical shape building that is purely windows for a great view of the surrounding area. Rather than having a building that is square and horizontal, I opted for something that is vertical and takes up less space. At the top of this dorm would be a large study/relaxation area with desks, tables and trees to provide natural shade, much like if you on the grass in front of the FA buildings. As for the desks, I noticed that many students use laptops or tablets for note taking so I thought, “why not just install chargers on desks and all the lunch tables so everyone can study without hunting for a charger?”


    For the cognitive map portion of this assignment, I did the best I could mapping the area of campus I am at mostly. Most of my classes are in the LA buildings, so I had no problem mapping those buildings and the library since it is a straight line to the library. I almost forgot what the buildings were on the left but then I remembered they were the Faculty Offices as well as the KJazz radio. The large grass area between the LA and FA buildings were pretty easy since I rest there between my classes, and the FA buildings I am sort of familiar with. I wanted to include more of the campus including the parking lot and the pyramid, but I was not sure how to include all of that so I primarily focused on the portion of campus I am at most of the time.




    For the Adopt A Building portion for this assignment I went with the building I am at most of the time: LA5. I have three of my classes in this building and have the most familiarity with it. From the information that I could gather, the building was built in the early 60s and still retains many of the original designs aside from tech upgrades. One of my professors, Dr. Berberian teaches History 301 in room 154 and says that as far as she knows, the building won’t be seeing an upgrade like LA2 or LA3 did.


2 thoughts on “Wk 9 – Activity – Architecture”

  1. Hey Matt, you meant well, so I’ll give you credit this time, but actually your tag is wrong. You tagged it “gatov-west-gatov-east”. No doubt you wanted to put a comma in the tag box so you’d have “gatov-west” AND “gatov-east”. Tagging both is cool. Tagging either one by itself is ok too. For an artist with both halves, I’d probably just tag it “gatov-west”. Anyway, thanks for trying, but be careful NOT to tag it “gatov-west-gatov-east” which means it won’t be able to be found.


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