Wk 9 – Student Interview – Eugene


     I had the pleasure of talking to Eugene before the galleries opened up. Eugene is an engineering major here at CSULB and it is his last year here. After he graduates he wants to get his masters, but he took a lucrative job offer that he kind of regrets taking. Should he decide to get his master’s degree, he wants to go to UCLA to get it.
     Eugene bounced around from major to major before deciding on engineering. He went to Santa Monica ctiy college clearing out his general ed before coming here.
    He lived in Europe until he was about 8 years old; mainly living in a former Soviet controlled area (I forgot exactly where.) So he is fluent in Russian.
    In his spare time, Eugene likes to work on restoring a Toyota MR2 that he purchased not too long ago. The car itself is in good shape and only needs some minor TLC, but Eugene feels it is worth the time and money because he really loves that car. Realistically, his dream car would be a BMW M3 series


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