Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl






   Ms. Dawn Ertl had her exhibition at the Gatov Gallery. Her exhibition, “Radius of Action” was actually two different shows, and they were the culmination of her studies for her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. Ome of the shows is called “One Nation Under God” and it is the exhibit with the threaded material using the loom. The other was called “Short Term, Long Term Relationships.”
   For “Short Term, Long Term” Dawn incorporated weather data into her work, which took months of data gathering before she started working. I personally have never seen anything like that before, and I thought it was interesting to see someone taking weather and climate data and weaving it (literally) into their own art. The colors displayed on the graphs and data produce vivid colors and unique patterns that translate well into reality. I was thoroughly impressed.
   “One Nation Under God” was the other half of the show. This exhibit featured loomed fabric of different colors interwoven with plastic. Dawn mentioned that this exhibit was meant to display the relationship between people and how they affect the environment. The plastic bags she gathered from friends and family who saved them for her. She mentioned that even though our Constitution says church and state are supposed to be separate, religion and church are still woven into the fabric of our society, including government and politics. (I’m full of puns today)
   Dawn mentioned that she received her BFA from Otis, and I’m aware of Otis and its esteemed reputation so I asked why she came here of all places to receive her Master’s Degree. She said that Long Beach offers a place where someone can experience and learn about all different kinds of mediums and they are all interdisciplinary. I thought that was really impressive; a really talented artist chose Long Beach to receive her Master’s after getting her undergraduate degree from one of the top art schools in the country.


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