Wk 10 – Student Interview – Guillermo Vargas


   Guillermo is a first year mechanical engineering student here at CSULB. I thought that was a really cool/difficult major so I asked him how he got into engineering. He said that he has an uncle who is an engineer – he creates motorcycle rims. After watching his uncle do it for years he really liked the notion of doing that for a living, Guillermo decided to do that for a career. He chose CSULB because the school has a good engineering program abd it is much cheaper than ASU.
    Right now Guillermo is taking a couple math classes including Trigonometry. This is actually his second time taking Trigonometry. Last semester he really did not like the professor who taught the class so he dropped it. This semester is different; the teacher is good, goes into more detail and makes Trigonometry more interesting for Guillermo.
    In his spare time Guillermo is into fitness. He wrestled back in high school, but not anymore. So he goes to the gym weekly to keep in shape. He is a pretty laid back individual, and likes nature (hiking, etc) and to hang out with his friends. Guillermo is also a big fan of classic cars, which I thought was pretty cool. He really enjoys the classic American muscle cars such as the ’69 Mustang. In regards to music, Guillermo listens to pretty mucg anything, though he says he has a penchant for classic hip hop and rap. Some of the artists he enjoys includes Nas and Tupac. He said he really enjoys the production value and lyrics of the music.


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