Wk 11 -Student Interview – Koi


   I had the pleasure of talking with Koi before walking through the galleries. We discussed a number of topics and he was really fun to talk to. Koi’s a first year civil engineering major here at CSULB, and with his degree he hopes to  work for the government. Right now he is taking some pretty gnarly math classes, including calculus. I am not a math guy at all so I told him I respected his endeavours.
    He told me a pretty funny story of how he drove his high school history teacher crazy. Apparently the teacher was pretty boring and not exactly the nicest person in the world. Back in high school Koi did swimming and enjoyed tennis and badmitton. He really enjoys rollercoasters, though he says he has never been to Six Flags Magic Mountain. He is also a big fan of Marvel films and is really looking forward to the new Avengers film.
   Koi here enjoys sushi, pasta, and Mexican food. I asked him if he could have any car what it would be. He answered with two: Lamborghini and McLaren. Pretty expensive, but awesome tastes.


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