Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia





    Right when I walked into Gatov gallery west I was blown away by the grayscale imagery that was all over the walls. I did not know who the artist was nor had I read the artist statement and I was already very impressed with the subject matter.
     Gabriel’ show, “Toxic Masculinity” refers to the ways masculinity is represented in the world, and how sometimes masculinity can cause some degree of harm. Gabriel used grayscale for his pieces, and the fonts in addition to the colors were used on purpose. The mixture was used to create a sense of background voices and noise.
    Gabriel had an image of a pig, or more precisely – the outline of a pig. I wish I had gotten a picture of it. But the simple outline of a pig conjured up so many ideas and notions when it comes to masculinity. When you think of a pig you think of chauvinistic,  cops, and the way we are pigs in regards to consumer culture. All the pieces together took around 3 to 4 months to complete for the show. It really was an eye-opening show because you really don’t realize how much of a negative impact masculinity can have on our culture.


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