Wk 12 – Activity – Algorithmic Art

For this activity  I decided to go for something a little more simple. I decided to go with a square and diamond shape algorithmic art.


I started with a normal square from there I drew a diamond on the inside of the square the top of the diamond starting at the top of the square. The size of the square can vary to the preference of the artist. I feel personally the larger the square the more I can get into the image which is why I went with a larger square at the beginning.


From there it’s just a simple copy and paste or repeat method. Draw a square on the inside of the diamond and then when you’re done with the square draw diamond inside of the square. Repeat this is often as you can until you run out of space creating an illusion that I think looks really neat.


While I think this is probably a very basic algorithmic art I think it’s still very effective and very fun to look at and it’s very easy for anyone to do. I feel that algorithmic art can be both very basic and very complex. For me personally I feel like the more basic it is the easier it is to reach the audience.


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