Wk 13 – Student Interview – Kelsey Lewis


I have the pleasure of talking to Kelsey before we journeyed into the galleries. She is a journalism major and it’s her first year here at California State University Long Beach. Even though she’s in journalism major she’s tempted to go into photo journalism and she wants to minor in business. With her degree she would really like to get in the National Geographic and be a journalist  for that or get a job at a newspaper.
   I asked her if she wanted to get her master’s degree but she said she’s fine with a bachelor’s degree. She’s the middle child in her family. her parents put a lot of pressure on her for her studies and it shows she works hard she’s currently taking 14 units right now and she’s going to take 14 more next semester. I learned an interesting fact about Kelsey, her uncle works as a  marching band coordinator. Apparently he’s pretty famous use well known among various marching bands throughout the Orange County area.
   I asked Kelsey was her dream car would be and apparently she’s into old classic cars and she would either want an old Mustang or an old Volkswagen van. Kelsey is also apparently in the classic rock as she enjoys KISS, Journey and others.


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