Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Mark Knop







I had the pleasure of talking with Marty outside of the Werby gallery. Party is getting his MFA in printmaking here at California State University Long Beach. Marty’s work involves computer programs and mathematics to create unique and wonderful pieces of art. He likes to publish for others as lowes not working as you feel citizen port to meet people in the know people to expand your horizons. For the show he collaborated with a few other people.
    When you came to is art he basically just jumps in and figures it out from there. He gets used to things working out and considers himself an optimist. before his choice on his major he took a lot of math and night classes especially calculus. he values what the math community has to share. Marty mentioned that he is interested in printing and would like to attempt to work with the 3d printer at one point especially the one located on campus. for his pieces of art he limits the color for cost efficiency. that and the color ratio to that of the one on the monitor is vastly different as the monitor can process more colors than the printer can print


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