Wk 14 – Student Interview – Hayden Leach


    I had the pleasure of talking to Hayden before class. He is a fourth year junior here at CSULB. He is also an American Studies major. Which I believe he said entails American History along with English and Literature. With that degree he hopes to teach. Grade school preferably.
     He is from Irvine, but moved up here for school. He does not live on campus, but rather lives nearby with a few roommates. His parents moved to Hawaii a few years back so he has been on his own. One day he would like to own an old van, such as an old VW van.
    I thought this was pretty interesting: Hayden played water polo for a few years before 3 concussions ultimately ended his playing days. I never talked with anyone who has had a concussion, let alone 3, so I asked what are the symptoms. He told me it is an invisible injury, though he says he is definitely not the person who he was before and that he has some memory loss.
     He told me about his plans for the summer. He said he and his friend are going to a music festival up in Vermont. The music festival there hosts bands which play some of his favorite music: Reggae/Funk/Jam Bands.


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