Wk 14 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak




Ms. Kwak was part of a themed exhibition at the Gatov gallery. She was the only artist there ( or so I believe) so the majority of us interviewed her.  She emphasized the importance of community with other artists in the exhibition. she mentioned that all the artists are very honest with each other and expressed either distaste or their approval of each other’s paintings. she mentioned that there are 15 artists all together.
    Ms. Kwak had another show earlier this year and her work at this show is similar to compared to that of her last show. when she is not painting she tries to do something creative each day just to keep her mind flowing creatively. She mentioned that she does sell some of her art and that the price varies on size and effort. Her work, “Home” painted with oil on canvas was the one on exhibition in the gallery.
    Ms. Kwak mentioned that she is heavily influenced by Van Gogh, Gaugan and a few other artists. She said that she was able to take a trip to Paris to see a gallery of Van Gogh’s work and it basically changed her life. She stressed the importance of never closing yourself off and always be open to new ideas.


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